Storm Dripper

PC speckle self drip hoses are produced in diameters of 16mm – 18mm. The hose is also manufactured from 100% pure polyethylene. The hose is also treated with UV Stabilizer, which gives the hose the ability to withstand weather factors, especially ultraviolet rays, which affect the life of the hose.


A minimum of 130 micron filter can be used, taking into account that the type of filter and its sensitivity are determined according to the water conditions.

– The hose is available at rates of disposal of 4 – 2 – 1.6 liters / hour to meet the needs of all customers according to ‡ types of crops and the rate of water needs of each plant type, as the drip is installed inside the hose at different distances starting from 20 cm to 100 cm according to the client’s need

– The used dripper is characterized by its ideal distribution of water due to the unique design of the drip, which makes it not affected by different pressures or different levels of soil surface, thus obtaining the same amount of water and also provides the opportunity to extend the hoses for longer distances compared to hoses with unregulated pressure points due to the regularity of drainage, which covers More space while reducing the number of watering hours.
Khartoum is characterized by being economical in terms of cost as it allows dispensing with many subnets.